fleurmaries on connection. or is it love?


I miss you every day. I want to meet you again. I remember watching your beautiful face in the flickering light of the fire as if it was yesterday. The way your collarbone tasted deliciously of salt and desert dust. Holding your worn hands. Feeling your strength, gentleness. Your warm voice. Kissing you felt like kissing myself. I wanted to never be without you again. It’s insane, six months later I still think about you every single day. There is so much I want to share with you. I want to hear abut your adventures, past, future and present. I want you, me and Wolverine to run together. What do you think about South Africa? I want to see you to find out if any of this is real or connecting with you was just a dream. Something big is missing in my beautiful life and I’m afraid that it’s you. You felt so right. I felt like we met a long time ago, in another life. I want to get to know you, again. 

Let me know what you think and we’ll meet.


Flora, thanks so much for the beautiful message. I too remember our time we spent together as a magical and powerful experience. 

 Your ZA idea is very tempting, Unfortunately right now is bad timing because I am seeing someone else here in the US at the moment.. I hope that doesn’t hurt your heart too much. Because I do not want to cause you any pain. I also hope that we can still remain friends even though our stars do not align perfectly for us right now… I really hope this news doesn’t give you too much heartache….

Because I think that you are a stunningly beautiful person inside and out…it’s just unfortunate timing right now…,I hope Malawi is still treating you well! 

your friend always

2 thoughts on “fleurmaries on connection. or is it love?

  1. Oh, Flora, this is a beautiful post and I relate to it from my past stories… The journey is sometimes strange but a beautiful soul like you will for sure find another beautiful human being to adventure through life…

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