fleurmaries on friendship

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” Anaïs Nin

Some people you only meet briefly, but somehow they stay with you forever. Others you’ve known for a lifetime, and then you realize that they are not in your life any longer. 

My only constant in the last view years was change. And some friends. I have people in my life who are eager to know more than the obligatory, “How was it?”, going hand in hand with the loss of interest and return to daily business after 2 minutes. They ask, “Whom did you meet? Were you ever lonely? How did you spend your days? What was the most exciting moment? How did it make you feel? How are you  feeling now? Are you happy? Would you do it again? And are you finally going to stay with us this time?” Even over distance, they show interest in my daily life. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t expect anybody to follow my adventurs all the time, to ask detailed questions about everything. But sometimes it is nice to chat of more meaningful things than the weather or a colleague’s pregnancy. Please, tell me about your hopes, fears and dreams, about your daily struggles,  successes, what makes you smile! And listen to my stories. 

Some people let me know that they think of me every now and then, they might admire me, be proud of me, envy me, but will always feel slightly unconfortable with my choice. “Flora? Oh, I think she’s somewhere in Africa.” “Oh, isn’t that dangerous? She always was a little crazy…” Still, I’m happy to hear from you!

Some people have been in my life for a relatively long time. I am grateful for knowing them. They are the ones who pick me up from random airports with smiley balloons at random times whenever I am where they are, who let me work in their café to earn money to afford a Viennese high life summer, who come visit me at places where they probably would not have gone without me being there, who will stay up late at night to have skype call just to hear my voice crackling and echoing, who write me postcards, who meet me at train stations just until the next train comes to give me a hug and mosquito spray and a print out of directions to their house from the new place where I am headed to, who do not kick me out of their whatsapp groups even though I no longer live not even on the same continent as they do, who pay for my plane tickets because they simply want to see me, who kick my ass, who drink gin&tonic or tea or both with me in the middle of the night or in the morning, who let me make mistakes, who facetime-conference-comfort me, who share their home with me, who let me hold their baby even though I didn’t sleep the night before, who book a flight to meet me at a club at 3am to just dance as there is too much to talk about, who cook breakfast for me when I come to their place after a long, long night out, who still or surprisingly come to my spontaneous “I’m in town, let’s all have dinner together”-gatherings, who message me out of the blue to tell me they think of me, who introduce me to their boyfriends, girlfriends, new friends, who gift me with notebooks. They give me a feeling of home, no matter where I actually am.

Then there are the new people, those I meet randomly on my journey. I feel so blessed to be out here, to be on the move constantly, to be a wanderer, to cross pathes with all all those amazing souls. The feeling when you look at somebody for the first time and you know that there is something, that you share a vibe, that you are likeminded, you just feel it. Those heart-skips-a-beat-moments are priceless. I cannot and do not want to live without them. Life is about connections, about encounters, about shared stories, ideas for the future, memories, and mainly the here and now. I keep in touch with many of those nourishing, beautiful souls. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But know that I am always thinking of you. And we will see each other again, one day. 

And then there is those who are a mix between the always been there/excitingly new soul mates. I once was picked up from an aiport in a new country by a person I bumped into over and over again all over Southeast Asia. A friend of a friend offered me to stay in her guestroom wheI really needed a place to stay. The person I’ve seen twice in real life, and now we are exchanging messages worth letters. The person who is in the same place at the same time and lets you fly in the best acro yoga session ever. The girl who takes you on an epic roadtrip to the desert where you meet one of the loves of your life and she listens to the same song with you for about a million times. The guy who stays in your guest room for a night, a week, a month and becomes your best friend. The trainee and flatmate who knows everything about you and listens to eternal voice messages and replies with eternal voice messages.

Life is so random, and so are relationships. It’s about inhaling fresh air, slashing fresh powder, indulging fresh wholesome food, seeing the morning sun dipping your pastel-colored surroundings in pink-reddish light, drinking cool mountain water, feeling every fiber of your body, laughing with all your mind, soul and body, shining in the flickering light of a bon fire. And sharing it. I love being on my own. But living such moments with those people is beyond words.

I love you! The short term friends, the ones from yesteryear, today, tomorrow, forever. The close ones, the ones not so close, the ones near and far, the ones long gone, the ones to come, the ones for adventure, for understanding, for love, for advise, for honesty, for food, I love you all. 

See you, somewhere, sometime.



2 thoughts on “fleurmaries on friendship

  1. Hi Flora! Believe it or not but we were cleaning out the car yesterday (preparing for shipping back to SA) and I found the card that you gave us back in June with the address of your blog!! Those are deep thoughts that you penned down here! We think back fondly of our stay with you in Malawi and regret not having stayed longer 😦 Don’t forget to look us up in Cape Town. We’ve found a really nice place close to the beach and are looking forward to our move there in January! Bye Bas and Co

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