fleurmaries hot spots in Vienna | Austria

Wien, Wien, nur du allein ❤ Vienna, only you, Vienna

A Taste of Vienna from FilmSpektakel on Vimeo.

This incredible city will always be home to me. After having lived there for seven years, my heart dances with joy whenever I return to find once again the endless offer of culture, my beloved friends, incredibly delicious food, lush green everywhere (well, don’t expect that from November-March), rental bicycles almost for free, more and more amazing yoga studios and other surprises. I confirm: Vienna truly has an amazing quality of life!
Read that: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/feb/23/vienna-named-worlds-top-city-for-quality-of-life

Still on cloud number 9 after having spent a few days in my beloved city, here some of my endless list of personal newly discovered and tested traditional hot spots:



City bikes
If you’re not as lucky as to borrow your friend’s bicycle, this is a great alternative! You register with your (Austrian) Maestro card, credit card (Visa, MasterCard or JCB credit card) or Citybike Card at one of the many stations, which you can easily find on the app. The first hour is FOR FREE!! How great is that? And the system of cycle lanes is really not too bad.

Public transport
It is cheap and fast and gets you almost everywhere.

Cabs are pretty reasonably priced, and there is uber, car2go and drivenow


Even if the sound of German makes you jump- go and watch the talented actors at Burgtheater on sceneries which always surprise. It’s worth the ticket which you get as cheap as of EUR 3,50 (!!!). Already the building itself is so beautiful that you should definitely enter!
Universitätsring 2, A-1010 Wien
T +43 1 51444-4140

The place to be when you’re into classical music and one of your dreams is to see a famous Viennese orchestra like the Wiener Philharmoniker performing. This is where the yearly Neujahrskonzert on 1st January is happening. Again, the architecture is simply breathtaking. If you’re as lucky as to be in town during the ball season (13 January – 27 February 2017), the Musikverein is the venue of one of Vienna’s beautiful balls.
A concert normally costs you as little as EUR 4,00 (the Viennese fundamental right to culture).
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien
Musikvereinsplatz 1, A-1010 Wien
T +43 1 505 81 90 (Mo-Fr 9am-6pm, Sa 9am-1pm)

My favorite museum in Vienna as once again, the building is so beautiful! The permanent exhibition shows one of Europe’s largest and most important private collections of classical modernist paintings, covering 130 years of art history, from French impressionism to the present. Also, their current exhibitions are always well chosen and structured.
Open daily 10am-6pm, Wednesday 10am-9pm
Albertinaplatz 1, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
T +43 (0)1 534 83-0

This is where lovers of photography will be happy! They host incredible international exhibitions.
Tue, Wed, Fri 2-7pm
Thu 2-9pm
Sat, Sun and public holidays 11am-7pm
Monday closed
Westbahnstraße 40, A-1070 Vienna
T +43 (0)1 522 66 36 -60


The options are endless- I could write forever about eating out in Vienna…

Café Engländer
A traditional Viennese café that has a super cool vibe, maybe because of the many cabaret artists from Kabarett Simpl who hang out there? Anyhow, the food is super delicious! Please eat a Backhendlsalat and Powidltascherl. And drink Weißer Spritzer, the traditional Austrian mix of white wine and sparkling water. There is nothing more refreshing on hot summer days and nights!
8am-after midnight
Postgasse 2, A-1010 Wien
T +43(0)1/ 96 68 665
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; garden; smoker/non-smoker

Vienna’s best ice cream! Locally produced. My favorite flavors are chocolate, raspberry and cassis (all vegan). They also have exotic local flavors like goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil, yummy! A true explosion in your mouth!
Rotenturmstraße 14, A-1010 Wien
Mariahilfer Straße 33, A-1060 Wien
You scream, I scream, we all scream ice cream!

Motto am Fluß Café
The location is simply great! On a boat-like construction you have the feeling to float over the Danube channel. The quality of their food is super good, they present world cuisine in pretty arrangements on the plate. The only down part is the often not so friendly waiters. But hey, that’s the Viennese charm! Big plus: they serve breakfast until 4pm! Just in case you had a long night out…
daily 8am-2am
Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, A-1010 Wien
T +43-1-25 255-11
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; terrace; non-smoker

Die Frühstückerinnen are always right regarding the best breakfast locations! Their current #1 truly deserves that rating! Seated in a little Schanigarten, the choice of breakfast is overwhelming and the quality of the meals is so good, and the quality/price ratio is more than fair! I highly recommend the omelette with herbs and smoked salmon and oh this delicious horse radish cream!
daily 9am-2am
Neustiftgasse 27, A-1070 Wien
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; garden; non-smoker

Joseph Bistro
Vienna’s best bread! Not only sold in various bakeries and served in many restaurants all over town, they also have their own bistro where they prepare mouthwatering meals.
Bakery & Patisserie: Mo-Fr 7:30am-9pm; Sa, Su, public holiday 8am-6pm
Bistro: Mo-Fr 8am-9pm; Sa, Su, public holiday 8am-6pm
Landstraßer Haupstraße 4, A-1030 Wien
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; non-smoker

Café Ansari
A little gem! Beautifully decorated, serving modern Georgian cuisine. Especially the stuffed carrots are to die for! Nice garden.
Praterstrasse 15, A-1020 Wien
Mo-Sa  8am–11:30pm; Su 9am-3pm, closed on public holidays
T +43 1 276 51 02
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; garden; non-smoker

Halle Café Restaurant
Here I always get my friends together around a big table whenever I’m in town! Their outdoors sitting area is in the middle of the MQ (Museumsquartier), it’s great for people watching, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and everything in between! Their waiters are super friendly and reserving a table for more than 10 people is not a problem at all.
daily 10am-2am (kitchen open until midnight)
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
T +43 1 523 70 01
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between, drinks; garden; smoker/non-smoker

Seasonal, super fresh and delicious! I love their healthy, traditional recipes with a very modern touch. Perfect spot for lunch!
Mo-Sa 11am-11pm; Su closed
Bauernmarkt 10 , 1010 Wien
T + 43 (0) 1 5 33 1526
lunch, dinner; non-smoker; garden

My personal hot spot on Naschmarkt- I simply love their food!! Oriental world cuisine. Hummus at its best! The Shakshuka is the most authentic one I’ve ever eaten outside of Israel. Plus I really admire the family business concept.
Mo-Sa 8am-11pm; Su closed
Naschmarkt 510, A-1060 Wien
T +43 1 585 20 20
breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between; non-smoker; garden

Hidden Kitchen
My office lunch #1 (when I was still working at an office)! Their salads are super creative and filling and you can taste that the owner gets her inspirations from traveling.
City: Färbergasse 3, A-1010 Wien
Mo-Fr 10am-4pm
3rd district: Invalidenstraße 19, A-1030 Wien
Mo-Fr 8am-6:30pm (breakfast 8-11:30am); Sa 10am-4pm (brunch)
breakfast, lunch; non-smoker

Perfect spot for afternoon tea with your mum in the heart of the city. Incredible choice of teas and snacks from Japan to England for the ultimate tea time experience.
Mo-Sa 8am-8pm, So & public holidays 9m-6pm)
Stephansplatz 4, A-1010 Wien
T +4315122666
tea; non-smoker; garden



Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehn Wien is not Berlin, but the nightlife is pretty fucking good!

Botanical Garden
Cosy, cool cocktail bar! Can I please have a swimming pool full of their incredible Espresso Martini  (oh, this Campari filled chocolate thing on top….)! Wide choice of gin. Super nice bar keepers.
Tu-Sa 5pm-3am
Währinger Straße 6-8 /entrance Kolingasse 1, A-1090 Wien
cocktails; smoker

Loos Bar
Beloved tiny space, designed by Adolf Loos. Truly unique! Great barkeepers and delicious cocktails (the gin fizz….)!
Mo-Su 12am-4am
Kärntner Durchgang 10, A-1010 Wien
T (+43) 01/5123283
E office@loosbar.at
cocktails; smoker

Not that easy to find, but so worth it! The decoration and light installations are always super cool! Perfect for a beer or Spritzer and techno. Funny gondolas where you can smoke and an indoor-Würstelstand.
Ask for the way, hehe! A-1070 Wien
T (+43) 01 5238105
drinks; non-smoker

Hm. Pretty fancy new cocktail bar. Beautiful golden interior, well mixed cocktails.
Mo-Sa 1pm-…, Su 4 pm-…
Singerstraße 7, A-1010 Wien
T (+43) 01 5120325
cocktails; smoker

A classic in the heart of the city! Already my grandmother went wild there… I love how they included old structures like the winter garden into the newer rooms. And in summer, the actual garden is simply super cool (even though the pool sadly doesn’t exist any longer). My favorite day is Saturday- electronic dance music, yes! Check the program first!! Normally Thursday oldies, Friday R’n’B, Saturday EDM.
Burgring, A-1010 Wien
club; smoker

Grelle Forelle
My heart beats in the rhythm of the bass. My absolute favorite for dancing until the early morning! If you love EDM, that’s your club! Amazing bookings.
Spittelauer Lände 12, A-1090 Wien
Fr & Sa 11pm-6am
club; smoker

Re-opened recently with different management. I loved the old Pratersauna (it really used to be a sauna in former times) for its history, the dance floor named Bunker, the greatness in which you could easily get lost, the outdoor floor and pool and the phenomenal bookings. The “new” Pratersauna definitely attracts a different crowd and also did some significant changes in the building. We’ll see…
Waldsteingartenstraße 135, A-1020 Wien
club; smoker

Another one of my absolute favorites. Cozy, dark, small, amazing lighting. EDM/techno. Sunday mornings. Hell yeah!
Karlsplatz 1, A-1010 Wien

On your way home, don’t forget to stop to eat a sausage and have one last beer! It’s cult! You haven’t experienced Vienna if you didn’t do that.



Mensa Justizpalast
Have a coffee, enjoy the architecture and the amazing view from the rooftop cafeteria. Bring an ID and don’t let the securities at the entrance stop you!

Walk 7th district
And check out all the lovely boutiques (especially those selling Austrian brands!) around Lindengasse, Neubaugasse, Zollergasse, Mondscheingasse, Kirchengasse, Siebensterngasse. Check out this little guide (in German): http://www.stadtbekannt.at/ein-kleiner-shopping-guide-durch-den-7-bezirk/

Walk 1st district East of Kärnter Straße
Leave aside all the tourists and zig zag through true Viennese alleys.

From 4th to 6th district
Start at Karlsplatz, and make your way to Naschmarkt via Schleifmühlgasse, enjoy all the beautiful colors and smells of the market and check out the alleys of the 6th district.

Along Danube channel, in the park of Schloss Belvedere or Schönbrunn or around the Ringstraße.

get on that touristy yellow tram going around the Ringstraße!!



Very personal choice, all offer English classes.

Incredibly good Ashtanga yoga!! I practiced there for one Mysore style class, Bruno was very helpful. What a gifted teacher! I loved his analysis, the questions he asked and adjustments he did.
Alserbachstraße 2/15, A-1090 Wien
T +43 664 402 73 58
T +43 664 919 55 05
E info@ashtanga.at

Bali Yoga
Beate is a really good teacher. I love her approach and how she guides you. Especially the Heart restorative flow classes feel super good. Beautifully decorated studio.
Gußhausstraße 2/ IX-XI (entrance Technikerstraße), A-1040 Wien
E info@baliyoga.wien

Yoga Kula
First love, last love. Their Vinyasa classes are awesome, but everything depends on the teacher. Definitely worth a try and super central!
Bösendorferstraße 9, A-1010 Wien
T +43 (1) 504 64 15
E office@yogakula.at


If you have any questions, e-mail me! flora.petri@hotmail.com I’ll be more than happy to give you more info!

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  1. Liebste Flora! Wien hat sich die letzten 4 Tage von seiner besten Seite gezeigt! Es war wunderbar!!! Deine Hot-Spots sind super… Ich hätte locker noch eine Woche damit füllen können! Danke

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