fleurmaries hot spots in Lakshmipuram | Mysore | India

If you have ever heard of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, you surely have heard of Msyore. Come with me to discover fleurmaries personal hot spots in Lakshmipuram!

You can find tons of information about Gokulam, where the “main shala” is. Lakshmipuram, and surroundings, where yoga is big, too, seems to be a little bit off the radar.

Voilà the places you absolutely need to know in Lakshmipuram- where to refuel after a challenging practice, find the friendliest coconut man, rent a scooter, get a good massage, etc.


Oh yes, so essential with so much physical and mental practice! I’m not only talking about asanas, but also about all the effort you’re putting in understanding a little bit of yoga sutras, anatomy, sanskrit and so forth. There are some decent restaurants in Lakshmipuram, but my personal highlights were home parties with food ordered in! Numerous lovely locals cook delicious, vegan, sattvic dishes for you and your friends and deliver them to your home.

IMG_5334credits to Niv Mileguir

Laxmi’s food
One of my top picks in the entire city! Laxmi is an amazing cook! This makes me dream of her mouth watering dishes like cabbage salad, lemon rice, coconut chutney, ragi dosa (finger millet crêpes), daal, beet root with coconut, tomato chutney, pumpkin, eggplant… You name it, she cooks it! Call her the day before your dinner party and let her know for how many people you want food. I also was as fortunate as to visit Laxmi in her home. With her husband and two sons she lives in one room where she also prepares her savory dishes. It truly is a pleasure for all senses to learn some of her amazing recipes. She and her husband deliver your dinner on their scooter. Make sure that you have enough plates at home.
Sattvic, vegan food delivery and cooking classes
+91 91 41 32 80 33


Sachin’s home
Multi-talented family business! Have breakfast at Sachin’s house, where you can watch his mother and wife prepare the probably best breakfast you can find in South India! Dosas, chutneys, smoothies- the menu changes daily. And it feels so nice to have a meal as a part of a family. Lakshmipuram’s yoga community loves this place!
Besides breakfast, Sachin also delivers delicious dinner, including hummus (valued as “best hummus outside of my country” by an Israeli friend), carrot salad, chutneys, curries, dosas, naans… Sachin and his lovely wife deliver their amazing food with natural plates upon request.
Besides the culinary delights and offering cooking classes, Sachin rents out rooms and organizes transportation to sights around Mysore as well as the airport in Bengaluru.
+91 77 95 34 42 32


This well-traveled lady serves tasty sattvic meals upon request- delights include coconut rice, savory spinach, naan, soups and heavenly desserts. I personally only had lunch there (make sure that you don’t have asana practice afterwards), but apparently the breakfast also is super good. Call in advance and tell with how many friends you are coming. Enclosed is a little shop called Yogic supplies where she sells a choice of yoga rags, mats, literature and accessories. She and her husband also offer taxi services as well as shipping in case you want to send home some of your Mysore souvenirs.
Coming from MG road on NS road, the house on the first corner on your right. There is a sign “Yogic Supplies” outside.
+91 98 45 30 29 32
+91 82 12 33 39 69

Hotel Mahesh Prasad
Ooooh, those Masala dosas! And idlis! I will never forget the taste of my first bite ever- so delicious! Cheap eatery, at lunch time they serve delicious, filling thali. Loved by the Yoga folks of Lakshmipuram, and the locals! A very busy place!
+91 82 12 33 08 20

Hotel Suvarna Bhavan
Good dosas in a less busy and less charming environment than at Mahesh Prasad.
+91 97 39 78 90 99

The Old House
The best Western food you can find in Lakshmipuram! Honestly, we all sometimes crave a pizza, right? This is the place where you can find it! They also have delicious salads on their menu. Oh, and they won my personal “Who has the best carrot cake in Mysore?”-contest! In the back you can see how it’s made. The friendly waiters do their best, but they happen to forget your orders sometimes or are really, really slow. So don’t go there when you are in a rush. Maya, the enclosed boutique, has very pretty clothes, essential oils, and other lovely things.
+91 82 12 33 32 55

Café Mandala
Kumar makes the best ragi dosas in town! A satisfying, quick lunch, especially with the home made peanut butter. Also the soups and salads are always freshly prepared with lots of love and super tasty. Oh, and this heavenly home-made chocolate! I don’t have words to describe it, you have to try it. He is also willing to share his vast knowledge of svattic cuisine.
+91 99 00 62 12 54

Café Mandira
I love the location! This pretty colonial style house in the middle of a lush garden with a nice backyard is perfect to enjoy tasty svattic food, especially the pumpkin curry is super tasty! And they mix the best yogi beer (hot ginger, lime, tumeric water).
+91 98 86 32 76 55

Jade Garden
I’d say that is one of the fancier locations in Lakshmipuram! They have some tables outside, usually occupied by heavy smokers, and serve delicious North Indian food, like the best Dal Makhani I’ve tasted in Mysore, and this incredible egg-plant dish which I believe is called Baigan Bartha (corrections more than welcome!!), and very tasty tomato rice. Oh, and they serve alcohol.
+91 82 14 00 82 22

The Heritage
I think it used to be good and nice. Their coconut rice is still super good, the rest good and slighty overpriced. The garden is a nice setting (zzzzzzz, mosquitos!). Good for bigger groups. Had a karaoke night going on when we had dinner there, which was somehow funny.


With all this physical and mental movement it feels so good (and sometimes painful) when somebody knows where and how to touch you.

This man truly is a healer! He knows exactly where your body hurts and he fixes it. Looking back, I would not have learned as much as I did during my teacher training. He uses warm sesame oil for the massage which he does in his small house.
+91 98 80 58 19 13


Amazing reflexology paired with Reiki! She comes to your place and will make you pass out (in a positive way).


Well, your choice! Please, do me and mother nature one favor and say no to those very bad plastic straws! Just tilt over that coconut straight in your pretty mouth like the locals.


1. The very friendly one who is often on holidays
Corner NS Road/New Kantharaj Road

2. The very grumpy one
Still, he was the one on my way home from the Shala, when Number 1. was on holidays:
Corner New Kantharaj Road/2nd Main

3. The famous one
Ballal circle

4. My personal favorite
I can’t explain it, we simply had an instant connection!
Corner MG Road/Geetha Road


Favorite fruit stall
best baby bananas and papayas on New Kantharaj Road coming from Ballal circle, before the 3rd on your right

Ok fruit stall
corner NS Road/New Kantharaj Road. Watch out, this sir is a wily fox!

Nice fruit and vegetable market
street between Nanjumalige Circle and Overhead water tank

in the triangle of New Kantharaj Road and Mangalore-Mysore Highway

Nesara’s organic farmer’s market
fresh, organic, delicious vegetables, herbs and fruit (smoothie ingredients!!), other organic foods like grains, spices, honey, seeds, oils; natural cosmetics; raw chocolate and cocoa nibs from the beautiful local producer The Earth Loaf, and the prettiest postcards I’ve found in the entire city! They organize nice get-togethers and special sales, for example from locally produced goods by the women of the area.

Swadeshi Bazaar
Best place for buying natural cosmetic! The friendly girls will welcome you with a tea and help you choose whatever you are looking for and more. They have wonderful cosmetics! I personally fell in love with Khadi. Also on the menu: natural mosquito coils, and a huge range of spices, grains, etc.
+91 99456 48007

Big Bazaar
Somehow an institution where you find almost everything from all kinds of food over kitchen ware, bindis, bling bling jewelry, leggings, … To be avoided on weekends unless you like really crowded supermarkets!

Candles are best bought in the little kiosks, for example the one on New Kantharaj Road/3rd main or at Ballal Circle. That’s also the place where you can get big drinking water tanks in case your landlord doesn’t provide those.


I am Austrian, I am a hardcore walker! Still, after 3 weeks I gave in and rented a scooter. Ask your favorite coconut man or at your shala, they can surely organize a vehicle for you. And no, this traffic is not for the chickenhearted! Please use your eyes like an owl (360°), and honk! A lot !! And check with your insurance if scooter adventures are covered (boring, I know). Also for security reasons (walking to your shala in dusk can be a little scary) it is a good idea to get your scooter, even though I only had very little troubles concerning my safety during my stay in Mysore. And yes, it is a hell load of fun to cruise around the city and the surrounding countryside on a scooter

IMG_5135credits to Clara Cazallas


Kukkarahalli lake

Mandi Mohalla (mosque, cathedral)

Mysore Palace (don’t only spot the Christmas lights at night, it really is worth a visit with the audio tour)

Downtown, especially the colorful Devaraja market and the buzzing streets around it


Chamundi Hills (with lunch stop at the Olive Garden– fancy garden restaurant with very tasty food)


The pool of the Lalith Mala Hotel (just sneak in and enjoy a Sunday like a Maharaja!)


Gokulam (yes, they have good food there!!)


Normally the shala where you practice is more than happy to help with finding appropriate accommodation. You’ll find everything from 1 room spaces with bucket showers to high end palace rooms.
This is already way longer than I intended it to be. More about my very personal Mysore yoga experience will follow!

As a little extra, here an interview with my friend Marco, the beautiful soul behind the incredibly interesting and helpful blog www.path2yoga.net


What’s your favourite spot in Lakshmipuram?
My favourite spot is actually a very small park right in the middle of the chaotic traffic. Is the park in front of the Civil Court, next to MG Road. I think very few western yogis know about this place. Although around the park is hectic and noisy because of the traffic, as soon as I walk in I feel still and calm. The park is actually very beautiful and well maintained. I’ve spent there quite a bit of time, specially between last November and January when I had to some self healing work. I would go there after lunch and walk around with my mala in my hand repeating some healing affirmations, or I would just sit in one of the benches and practice breath awareness while enjoying the beauty of this little park.


Why do you return to the city every now and then?
Oh well, I love Mysore! It is a very easy city to live in, clean and comfortable at the same time. It’s like living between the West and East. It is the best place to practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and to learn many other yoga related things. My teacher, Vijay Kumar, teaches ashtanga vinyasa yoga in Lakshmipuram. That’s why I usually come back to the same place. It is also a fantastic place to meet new friends, and old friends who are also following the path of yoga.


What was your most memorable experience in Lakshmipuram?
Oh, I have so many but I would say that it is mainly about the people that I have met there. I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people in Lakshmipuram, and around Mysore, who have touched my heart and left me with so many beautiful memories.

How did you personally experience Lakshmipuram? Any personal hot spots you would like to add? More than happy to read them in the comments!

Namasté, lots of love and light


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